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Inaccurate Wage Statements

Inaccurate Wage Statements

California law requires that at the time wages are paid, your employer must provide you with an itemized statement, usually a pay stub, with the following categories of information:
• Gross wages earned.
• Total hours worked, except for employees compensated solely on a salary basis and exempt from overtime payment.
• The number of piece-rate units earned and any applicable piece rate (if you are paid on a piece-rate basis).
• All deductions.
Net wages earned.
• The inclusive dates of the pay period for which you are being paid.
• Your name and either the last four digits of your Social Security number or an employee identification number other than a Social Security number.
• The name and address of the legal entity that is your employer.
• All applicable hourly rates in effect during the pay period and the number of hours you worked at each rate.
• The amount of accrued sick leave.
• If you work for a temporary staffing firm, the pay rate and total hours your worked for each temporary assignment for all temporary services employers (except for licensed security services companies).
• If you work on a piece-rate basis, the total hours, compensation rate, and gross wages paid for all compensable rest and recovery periods and other nonproductive time.

An employer that fails to provide this information is liable to you for $50 for the first pay period, and $100 per pay period thereafter up to $4,000 per employee.

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